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Apex Mastermind I love reading, and how it expands my mind. I have free access to the infinite powers of my mind. I am a genius. Every day I am mastering new skills. I believe I can do anything. My intelligence is infinite. I am exceptionally intelligent. I use both sides of my brain equally. I have an amazing memory. I can connect to the infinite wisdom of the universe. I possess an unlimited source of inner wisdom. My mind is clear and focused. I quickly solve difficult problems. Every day, I discover new ways to boost my brain power. My mind is an open channel for greater knowledge. I am a genius at what I do. I picture information clearly. I have great wisdom, and I call upon it in all that I do. I am a quick study.
Knowledge and truth are revealed to me each day. My intelligence is apparent to those around me. My mind has access to all knowledge. My calm mind opens me to inner wisdom. Each day, my intelligence grows. I quickly comprehend anything. I am wise beyond my years. I have a broad understanding of many topics. I love the mental stimulation of new experiences. I am open to the divine intelligence of the universe. My memory is perfect. I easily find solutions to difficult problems. I am gaining knowledge and wisdom at all times. I easily absorb new information.

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